Building Inspiring Spaces

Founded in 1996, AGIKONS SH.P.K. is a construction and Real Estate developer company that has a strong reputation for building and developing luxury residential, commercial, and services projects, as well as delivering high-quality construction services, on time and at a competitive price.

We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of the construction industry, and this combined with our extensive knowledge of the Albanian and Balkan markets, has established us as major players in the industry.

At AGIKONS SH.P.K. we are passionate and driven to continue and improve the high levels of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the past 26 years. We implement and promote the idea of working as partners with our clients to ensure their goals are met. Our commitment to innovation and excellence results in successful, in-budget, and higher quality completed projects.

Our unique and flexible project management system ensures that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of the size or nature of the project. We have completed a wide variety of projects for a wide range of clients – from small private developments to large Government projects. From civil and industrial buildings of any type and function to water supply and sewage systems, hydropower plants, roads of different types, and other infrastructure and engineering works.

Our Projects


20 Projects

1 000 000 m2


200 Commercial Spaces

150 000 m2

Tourism Development

7 Projects

150 000 m2

Parks & Recreations

x10 Parks

100 000 m2


3 Projects

35 300 m2


7 Projects

Cultural & Heritage

3 Projects


x10 projects

Infrastructure, Roads & Water Supplies

5 projects


Urban Products Design

6 artistic mediums