“Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center in Tirana is the largest healthcare institution in Albania, and as an academic health institution classified as the only Albanian healthcare center.

Due to changes in medical priorities, an update of the University Hospital Center of Tirana was requested. The construction of the Central Hospital is the largest infrastructure project in healthcare. The Central Hospital has a construction area of 23,290 m2 with a capacity of 345 beds. It accommodates 14 specialized medical services include cardiology, nephrology, hematology, gastrohepatology, internal medicine, endocrinology, dermatology, rheumatology, allergology, emergency, and imaging.
With the goal of modernizing the largest hospital center in the country, the implementation of the master plan for QSUT began 5 years ago. After completing works such as the “Frederik Shiroka” Surgical Hospital, the new Pediatric Hospital, the Infectious Disease Hospital, and the QSUT Pharmaceutical Warehouse, intensive work continues for the second phase of the Pediatric Hospital’s reconstruction. In the following years, we will open new investments with projects for rehabilitating the Cardiac Surgery Hospital, the Psychiatric Hospital, and the Plastic Burn Unit at QSUT.

The University Hospital Center also serves as a teaching and professional practice base, which is vital for the education and formation of the next generation of doctors who will arrive in the coming years and decades. Nine lecture halls, auxiliary facilities, and expansion of practical base capacities create opportunities for UMT to continue with its plan to increase study quotas and open specializations.

AGIKONS SH.P.K. was selected at the national level to reconstruct the existing building of the “Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center in Tirana.

Project details:

Area: 23,290m2

Status: 100% Completed

Location: “Dibra Street”, QSUT, Tirana