Based on the depreciated condition of the water supply system which serves the inhabitants of 14 villages in the district of Kolonja, the design task was prepared which contains the drafting of a detailed project for the rehabilitation of the water supply system of 14 villages in the district of Kolonja.

This new water supply installation system will be extended to 14 villages, located between Erseka and Kozel. They are divided into 3 main groups, for reasons of ease in design:

  • Group 1 – Helmes, Qafzez, Mollas, Shtika
  • Group 2 – Vodice, Qinam, Selenica Skorovoda, Kreshova
  • Group 3 – Bejkova, Psar, Gostivisht, Starje 1, Starje 2, Rehova.

The main water supply line from Kozel springs, together with the distribution network, is located in the area of the Municipality of Kolonje. The project provides the replacement of submersible pumps and electric current transformers.

Project details:

Status: Ongoing, 20% completed

Location: 14 Villages, Erseka