Demolition of existing single storey storage building at the side of the main building, and erection of a replacement part 2 storey plus-basement single family dwellinghouse; with associated landscaping.

The dwelling hosts an open plan kitchen with skylight, two bedrooms, one master bedroom with bathroom, and a shower room.

Bedroom floors and staircase are layered with a light grey carpet while other areas are covered in an ashy engineered wood, providing a modern cozy home.

The house is fully equipped and furnished with hand-picked appliances and fittings suitable for this modern design.

Period of construction:

October 2020- June 2021

If you would like to receive more information for the project, or you are interested in purchasing, feel free to contact

1A Askew Road W12 9AA,
London, UK
New Build

Project Details:
Building type: Residential Property
Size: 120m2
Status: Completed 100%

Askew Road: