At the “Kodra e Diellit” Residence you will find green parks where residents can enjoy moments with their family and children. Vegetation in public areas is treated day by day with love from our gardeners.

The flora is enriched with fruit trees like cherries, quinces, and persimmons, which signify with elegance the change of seasons, creating a warm atmosphere. Fruits grown naturally at the residence, under the special care of the farm staff are returned to the community as organic products, this way educating a healthy lifestyle.

Flaxes, fir, cypress, and paulownia, are just some of the tree types that shade roads and parks. Under these trees children can play, while parents can do various physicals activities like running and yoga. Visit “The Boulevard of Magnolias” in the spring and you will be amazed by the pleasant aroma of flowers.

Violets, calendulas, and winter daisies take the place of petunias, marigolds, and summer medinas, so that “Kodra e Diellit” Residence is in full bloom throughout the year. Needless to say that bushes like the famous pink roses are added to the green orchestra of “Kodra e Diellit”, in addition to hibiscus, rosemary, and laurel, creepers such as honeysuckle, colorful bougainvillea, and jasmine.