Our Mission

AGIKONS SH.P.K has a strong commitment to excellence and the highest quality of construction and services. We always seek growth and improvement in all the projects that we undertake. We try to do this by self-sufficiency, high productivity, and an unparalleled efficiency, and we evaluate our human resources as one of our biggest advantages and values. We aim to become an industry leader in the Balkans and beyond. To achieve our vision, we endeavour to uphold the three-dimensional principles: Dedication, Discipline, and Drive. 

The energy that gives life to this philosophy is at the very heart of our staff- financial, architectural, technical and constructive, artistic, and managerial- who with an incomparable creative emotion are embodied every day in projects that move the company toward its objectives.

The AGIKONS SH.P.K experience is materialized in thousands of homes, dozens of commercial spaces, several educational and health facilities, dozens of kilometres of tunnels for roads and hydropower plants, millions of cubic meters of soil excavation and transport, hundreds of kilometres of roads of all types,  dozens of parks, hundreds of urban art projects, plazas, fountains, complex artistic facades, etc.

Our everyday ambition is to provide our clients with an undisputable “I am assured!”-trust when we are chosen to execute their projects. We insist on clear communication and transparent follow-up procedures to ensure that the client’s objectives are our top priority in the planning and execution of all our development processes.

Values we work by