• Bougainville Bay, Saranda.


Bougainville Bay is designed in such a way that comfort is intertwined with aesthetics. Every detail in the interior and exterior architecture of the resort is a work of art: the lobby, the corridors, the rooms, the stairs, the alleys, the swimming pools, the restaurants, the SPA and the beach area, all decorated with mosaics and other ceramic works created and curated by different Albanian artists. The movement from the main artery of the bay, Sokak, through the smooth and picturesque stairs, towards the apartments overlooking the sea, resembles a tour in a real art gallery, designed to evoke artistic emotion in the visitors.

Two bedroom apartment with sea view

Typical 2+1 apartments at Bougainville Bay are 105 m2 and consist of 2 bedrooms, a living/dining/cooking area, a toilet and porch.

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